Ginemed Foundation presents their 2017 Annual Training Programme
Ginemed Foundation’s Training Department presented the 9th edition of their annual Training Programme. It includes a calendar of events including over 20 specialised training courses designed for both the scientific community and patients.
  • Last year over 900 students received training through our programme.
  • This year Ginemed is launching tailored clinical training programmes as well as laboratory workshops for expert embryologists. 
  • Over 20 training courses designed for both the scientific community and patients.
  • These training events will take place at Ginemed Madrid, Valencia, Seville, Huelva and Lisbon. 

The scientific training programme will include courses, seminars and workshops to update knowledge in Assisted Human Reproduction, Prenatal Diagnosis, Breast Pathology and Obstetrics. Other highlights of 2017 will be the 5th edition of the University of Seville’s Masters in Assisted Human Reproduction, co-directed by Dr. Pascual Sánchez, medical director of Ginemed, as well as the 9th annual seminar on Male Factor Infertility, which this year will present the entry rules and guidelines for the Award for Best Idea for a Research Project on the Male Factor.

The training programme for patients will boast the conference series titled “Challenges in Medicine”, in which experts will help patients to gain a better understanding of the latest medical advances, especially developments in genetics.

Now a tradition, the “Parents’ Workshop” is also running for the 17th time. “Patient Meetings” will also continue: an initiative that brings together specialists and patients to discuss a specialty with the aim of encouraging two-way patient-doctor communication.

In this regard, the Foundation works in collaboration with different patient fertility and breast cancer associations.

Download the training programme here Download