Ginemed introduces the innovative Geri Incubator in its Human Reproduction Laboratories
The new incubator maintains optimum embryo culture conditions and, thanks to its “Time Lapse” system, embryos can be observed without having to remove them from the incubator.

A successful assisted reproduction process depends on factors such as correct selection of the embryo to be transferred, as well as the transfer itself to the mother’s womb of the embryo or embryos with the greatest potential. Optimisation of embryo selection guides a great deal of the efforts in fertility centre laboratories.

For this reason, Ginemed has introduced 5 Geri incubators in its assisted reproduction centres in Madrid, Murcia, Seville, Valencia and Huelva, striving for continued improvements in assisted reproduction processes for the benefit of all patients. It is an innovative system from the science and technology company Merck, and will contribute to improving pregnancy rates.

Incubators are a key element in the culture of embryos, as their aim is to recreate optimum, natural physiological conditions for embryo development before their transfer to the mother’s womb, thus giving each embryo the best chances for survival.

Furthermore, the embryos can be observed without having to remove them from the incubator thanks to the "Time Lapse" system. While the embryos are in the incubator they are thoroughly studied to understand their evolution throughout the early stages of development.

To do so, the incubator has six cameras (one per chamber) which capture images at regular intervals and across 11 different focal planes. This procedure eliminates the need to open the chamber to study the embryos, meaning there are no changes in temperature, light or pH so that the embryos are not subjected to more stress which could disrupt development.

The aim of this technology is to select the most viable embryos in a more precise manner, increase pregnancy rates and reduce the number of multiple pregnancies by transferring one single embryo to the mother’s womb.

According to Dr. Pascual Sánchez, the Medical Director of Ginemed, "being on the cutting‑edge is something that must be perceived in all aspects. Without a doubt, using the best incubator to care for embryos, which also allows us to choose the best one without interfering with any stage of embryo development, is key".