Ginemed Seville presents its new facilities
In honour of the medical group’s 25th anniversary
Ginemed Foundation presents their 2017 Annual Training Programme
Ginemed Foundation’s Training Department presented the 9th edition of their annual Training Programme. It includes a calendar of events including over 20 specialised training courses designed for both the scientific community and patients.
Ginemed celebrates its 9th Seminar on Male Factor Infertility in February
Experts in male infertility discuss the relationship between abnormal sperm and recurrent miscarriages.
Spain, at the forefront of assisted reproductive treatment in Europe
With 156,865 cycles in one year. These are the findings from a statistical report presented last Tuesday at the Ministry of Health, including data from nearly 300 centres around Spain.
Nursing, General Practitioner and Patient Events
Ginemed, in its commitment to training and development, has held different courses for patients and professionals over the last few months. The objective is always the same: to educate and inform in order to offer individuals the best of medicine.

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