Ginemed presents the results from its synthetic embryo vitrification mediums at ESHRE 2016
The survival rates of vitrified eggs using these methods is 97% and the pregnancy rate: 60% per transfer.
Patients from all over the world travel to Ginemed Seville to start their families.
Results and cutting-edge reproductive medicine makes our clinic a centre of reference.
The Ginemed Foundation presents its 2015 annual report
The award for the promotion of motherhood was presented to the NGO AMREF, an organisation that trains midwives in Africa.
Ginemed presents its latest scientific advances at the Spanish Fertility Society’s annual conference.
This year, part of our team presented scientific posters, oral communications, presentations, and chaired discussion panels.
Vitamin D deficiency gives new clues about infertility.
Implantation failures and recurrent miscarriages can be related to a deficiency of this vitamin.

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