Specialists in gynaecology from hospitals across France visit Ginemed Seville.
On Saturday 27th March, French specialists in gynaecology visited the Ginemed clinic in Seville to learn about the centre’s protocols and improve their knowledge of the latest assisted reproduction techniques.
The Ginemed Foundation presents their 2016 training programme
Taking place at our centres in Seville, Huelva, Valencia and Lisbon; experts from all over the world will present the latest developments in medicine.
Ginemed Stories
Read the stories of those patients whose dreams of becoming parents have now become a reality through Ginemed
5th Patient Meeting in Paris
On 9th April Ginemed is going to Paris, where our medical director, Dr Pascual Sánchez will offer personalised consultations.
Interview with Mónica Dorado, embryologist in Ginemed’s genetics laboratory.
It is estimated that 1 in every 100 new-borns has some kind of genetic disease. Mónica Dorado is an embryologist in Ginemed’s genetics laboratory in Seville. She has witnessed how science has developed in this field over recent years, and how it is now, through a simple blood test, capable of preventing the transmission of hundreds of genetic diseases. The goal still to be reached is the dissemination of these developments to the general public and this is what we are talking to her about today.

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