Assisted reproduction, specialists, clinics and techniques

Egg, sperm and embryo donation

Spain has the highest number of organ donors in the world. A testament to the caring nature of our donors. Donation is always altruistic.

Become a mother when you are ready

What if we could prevent infertility?

Now, thanks to technical advances in egg freezing, science has made it possible to preserve our fertility and stop time.

Infertility due to social factors is now one of the most common reasons for consultations; factors such as age, genetics, lifestyle and medical history can considerably reduce a woman’s reproductive capability.

Find out how you can preserve your fertility

The peace-of-mind of having a healthy child

The peace-of-mind of knowing that we are leaving our children the best inheritance possible begins with their health.

Today, thanks to technical advances in genetic diagnostics, we can ensure that our children do not inherit the genetic diseases of their parents.

For treatments that require egg or sperm donors, techniques such as genetic matching offer additional security to guarantee the genetic compatibility between the recipient and the donor with the aim of ensuring that the baby does not inherit genetic illnesses.

Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (DGP)

Genetic matching

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