Egg donors

How do we select our donors?
Health comes first
Health comes first

As such, all of our donors must complete an exhaustive physical and psychological health assessment.

Age matters
Age matters

Although Spanish law allows egg donation until the age of 35, our statistics - based on over 80,000 clinical cases - tell us that the eggs with the highest pregnancy rates are those from women under 30 years old. Because of this all of our egg donors are under 30.

We rule out genetic diseases
We rule out genetic diseases

As a guarantee, we can carry out a Genetic Compatibility Test (genetic matching) on the donor, allowing us later to confirm that she is genetically compatible with the male partner and avoid the transmission of possible genetic diseases.

We choose the closest possible match to you
We choose the closest possible match to you

Donation in Spain is anonymous, however, because we have hundreds of donors to choose from, we are able to select the one who most closely matches your phenotype: race, skin colour, eye colour, hair colour…

We look after our donors

Our donors are very important to us; it is, after all, their eggs that lead to life in the wombs of the recipients, making it possible for this important group of the population to become mothers, regardless of the quality of their own eggs, genetic conditions, etc...

Because of their altruism, generosity and gift to others, the very least we can do is look after them, before, during and after the donation process.

We are committed to their health and wellbeing, maintaining contact with them after the egg retrieval. We carry out gynaecological check-ups, make recommendations about their lifestyle and we are there for whatever medical need they might have.

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