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Make a decision knowing nothing but the truth

Because your peace of mind comes first for us and because we want to offer you every possible guarantee, we work to offer our patients personalised project plans that are tailored to each individual case where, from the very start, you will know everything.

No surprises. No fine print. We have considered all possible options for your medical treatment plan. Now you will only have to worry about what’s important.

Egg Donation Program with Embryo Guarantee

The uncertainty of not knowing the number of embryos we will obtain is one of the most common concerns our patients have, followed by whether they will be quality embryos, and last but not least the fear of seeing the final price.

For these reasons we have laid out all possible options so that you can choose the best fit for you.


Access to maternity
when finances are limited.


The peace of mind
of having a second chance.


Planning for the future.


Maximum guarantees in
the shortest amount of time.

Personalised Program for High Complexity Cases

Different solutions for different cases.

The medical team who will treat you are specialised in finding solutions to complex cases including previous implantation failure, rare pathologies and undiagnosed cases (“unexplained infertility”), which have resulted in undesired outcomes. They are exclusively dedicated to offering a completely personalised treatment plan for your specific case, always taking into consideration the individual circumstances of each patient.

Approximately 70% of patients with previous implantation failure who undergo treatment at our Implantation Failure and Recurrent Miscarriage Unit are able to achieve a pregnancy.

Pregnancy Guarantee Program

The peace of mind of knowing that it will happen

The excellent pregnancy rates in our centres and more than 25 years of experience have made it possible for Ginemed to guarantee your pregnancy, with the promise that if you do not become pregnant you do not pay for the treatment.

Who can apply for the pregnancy guarantee programme?

Cualquier familia

Any family

Homoparental, monoparental or heteroparental that require assisted reproduction treatment to have children.


No time limit

All the time you need.


Unlimited treatments

All the options possible.


With all of the treatments and techniques necessary

The only exception being genetic diagnosis and surgery.

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Leaders for over 25 years
National and international centre of reference.
We believe in your family
Homoparental, heteroparental, monoparental.
Personalised treatment
Your doctor and your coordinator will be with you throughout the journey.
On your doorstep
Thanks to our international programme, there is no wait list and only one visit is needed.

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