We improve communication between the embryo and the uterus

Communication between the embryo and uterus is essential for success in any treatment. Embryogen, like other transfer mediums, such as Embryoglue (which is rich in hyaluronic acid) is a culture medium that contains natural cytokine GM-CSF, helping communication between the mother and the embryo.

Occasionally, despite everything appearing positive for a pregnancy (quality, embryo development, and endometrial thickness), there are early pregnancy losses that can be due to the interruption in communication between the mother and the embryo. Preliminary studies show that there is an increased pregnancy rate of up to 28% in patients with previous miscarriages.

When do we use this technique?

In patients with 2 or more failed IVF attempts.
In patients with early pregnancy miscarriages (2 or more biochemical pregnancies).
In patients with repeated miscarriages.
In patients with unexplained infertility.