Time Lapse - Primovision

Time Lapse - Primovision

Watch the evolution of your embryos at home

This non-invasive embryo monitoring system, also called Embryoscope or Eeva, allows us to continuously monitor the embryos in the laboratory. A camera captures images of the embryo at short intervals, a computer system then uses this information to tell us the exact moment of division and the presence of multinucleation or fragmentation, providing the information harmlessly (without having to remove the embryo from the incubator to monitor it).

It is particularly useful for older patients or in cases where previous cycles have not been successful.


It increases the pregnancy rate per transfer.
It reduces the multiple pregnancy rate (fewer embryos can be transferred, but better selected so that the pregnancy rate is not reduced).
It improves the culture conditions and avoids having to handle the embryos.
It is a stress-free environment for the embryos.
It minimises the embryos exposure to light.
It improves embryo selection.
It provides future parents with better information.
It allows a video to be made of the future baby from all of the images taken.
*You can take home a CD with the first images of your embryos.