Pregnancy guarantee programme

Pregnancy guarantee programme

The peace of mind of knowing that it will happen

The excellent pregnancy rates in our centres and more than 20 years of experience have made it possible for Ginemed to guarantee your pregnancy, with the promise that if you do not become pregnant you do not pay for the treatment.

Who can apply for the pregnancy guarantee programme?

Any family
Any family

Homoparental, monoparental or heteroparental that require assisted reproduction treatment to have children.

No time limit
No time limit

All the time you need.

Unlimited treatments
Unlimited treatments

All the options possible.

With all of the treatments and techniques necessary.*
With all of the treatments and techniques necessary.

The only exception being genetic diagnosis and surgery.

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Leaders for over 20 years
National and international centre of reference.
We believe in your family
Homoparental, heteroparental, monoparental.
Personalised treatment
Your doctor and your coordinator will be with you throughout the journey.
On your doorstep
Thanks to our international programme, there is no waiting list and only one visit is needed.

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